29Mar 2024

Celebrate World Backup Day

World Backup Day is your chance to become a digital hero. Here's how to join the fight.

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20Mar 2024

Avoiding scams

The exciting, yet volatile world of cryptocurrency comes with inherent risks, and scams are unfortunately prevalent. But fear not, informed vigilance can be your shield! Here are key points to remember.

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24Jan 2024

Preventing business email compromise

Preventing business email compromise, cyber criminals have elevated their techniques for masking fake emails.

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20Dec 2023

Beware of phishing text messages

Scammers impersonating companies, including banks, are sending phishing (fraudulent) text messages. DO NOT click any links in these text messages or send a reply.

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20Nov 2023

‘Tis the season for online shopping scams

While online shopping scams are not limited to the holiday season, they pick up along with the increase in online shopping activities of consumers. Here are some of the more common types of online shopping scams and how to avoid them. 

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23Oct 2023

Watch out for digital payment scams

Here's what to watch out for as you wade deeper into the world of digital payments

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27Sep 2023

Fraudulent Text Scams

Financial institutions will never ask you for your password or login information. If you receive a questionable text message or email claiming to be from Alpine Bank, please send a copy to [email protected].

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21Aug 2023

Phishing attacks on the rise

Phishing attacks are on the rise. Why? Because scammers have had so much success in using them to bilk millions of people out of their identity or their money. Here’s how to spot a phishing attack and avoid becoming a victim. 

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21Jul 2023

Bitcoin scams

Cryptocurrencies often attract fraudsters. The combined market value of all cryptocurrencies surpassed $1 trillion in 2022. That kind of money is a huge draw for scammers, who successfully liberate billions of dollars from crypto investors each year.

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16Jun 2023

Buying Checks? Learn How to Protect Your Business from ACH and Check Fraud

Secure check depositing is an important part of running your business. Keep your business transactions safe with our digital banking tips.

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22May 2023

Timeshare scams

How to avoid being victimized by a timeshare scam

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20Apr 2023

Account takeover scams

One of the more insidious fraudulent activities perpetrated by cyberthieves on businesses are account takeover schemes, which are becoming increasingly difficult to detect and prosecute. 

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20Mar 2023

Student loan scams

Student loan scammers are capitalizing on the confusion surrounding the rollout, what to watch for.

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16Feb 2023

Romance scams

Online dating sites often rife with swindlers

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18Jan 2023

Social media scams

Social media is crawling with scammers because it’s easy for them to set up fake profiles and lure people with promises of riches, romance and great deals, only to scam them out of their money or identities.

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19Dec 2022

Business email compromise

Business email compromise, tips to identify it, and how to protect yourself.

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09Nov 2022

Tech Support Scams: How to Spot and Stay Safe

Tech support scammers are lurking just beyond your computer, ready to pounce using several different tactics. Your first line of defense is to identify the tactics as a scam and turn them away. 

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25Oct 2022

Survey indicates vulnerability

CNBC and SurveyMonkey recently released information from their Small Business Index Survey for the second quarter of 2022. It found that eight in ten business owners expect a recession to occur this year and that inflation continues to be a top concern.

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25Oct 2022

Protect Your Business from Fake Email Scams: A Guide to Business Email Compromise

Discover the dangers of fake business email accounts and how to keep your business safe from online threats on our blog.

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25Oct 2022

Outsmart phishing scams

You’ve probably heard of phishing. It’s essential to understand what it is, and to know how to protect yourself from falling victim to it.

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26Aug 2022

Mystery Shopping: How to Spot a Scam

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23Jun 2022

Two Tips for Mobile Wallet Fraud

Fraudulent payments can make mobile banking risky. Learn how you can keep safe from mobile scammers at Alpine Bank.

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17May 2022

Personal and Commercial Lending Fraud

Lender and loan scams can be a destructive snare for borrowers. Learn how you can protect yourself from fraud here.

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21Mar 2022

Monitor Your Credit: How to Set Up Fraud Alerts on Credit Reports

Protect yourself from credit card fraud with a fraud alert. Learn how to set up alerts with the three credit bureaus on our blog.

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15Dec 2021

How to recognize and avoid phishing scams

Each year millions of people fall victim to phishing attacks. Learn how you can avoid identity theft with these key tips from Alpine Bank.

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20Oct 2021

Understanding Elderly Scams: What to Look Out For

Fraudsters often target the elderly. Stay informed about the latest tactics used in online elderly scams and protect your loved ones.

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18Aug 2021

Keep Yourself Safe From Malicious QR Code Scams

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18Aug 2021

Online Fraud: How to Spot the Danger

The recent barrage of ransomware attacks should serve as a stark warning. Click here to see how to avoid being a victim of online fraud.

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13Jul 2021

Creative Phone Scammers Have a New Technique

Contact your bank immediately if you sense you’ve been the victim of a scam or suspected scam. ​Check out Alpine's tips to avoid being a victim of scam.

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16Jun 2021

Using QR Codes Securely: A Guide from Alpine Bank

Searching for info on QR code safety? Look no further. Alpine Bank's blog has everything you need to know about minimizing risks with QR codes.

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12May 2021

New IRS Fraud Program for Identity Theft is Implemented

IRS fraud measures have expanded within the Identity Protection PIN program. Learn how it can protect you from identity theft and tax fraud.

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23Mar 2021

Recognize IRS Tax Scams

IRS Tax Fraud is a danger for any uninformed online banking customer. Read our tips to keep your tax info safe.

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23Nov 2020

Tis the Season for Holiday Shopping Fraud

During the holidays, consumers must remember scammers never take time off. Follow these helpful tips from Alpine Bank to avoid holiday fraud this season.

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16Sep 2020

Synthetic Identity Fraud

Identity fraud is growing fast. Cheats create new identities using stolen information and even put children at risk. Here's how to protect your family.

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13Aug 2020

Scams Target Small Business Administration

Small businesses have been a big target for scammers for years. Learn more about detecting and preventing fraud at Alpine Bank.

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17Apr 2020

How to Avoid Work-from-home Scams

There are many opportunities to work from home but it's important to view each opportunity with skepticism. Click here for Alpine Bank's tips to avoid scams.

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22Jan 2020

Telemarketing Fraud

Telemarketing scams are relentless and sly. Read more to learn how to protect yourself from Telemarketing Fraud.

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16Dec 2019

Be on Guard for Phone Banking Fraud

Cash Apps like Venmo & PayPal are convenient, but provide opportunities for fraudsters. Learn best phone banking practices to stay safe.

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22Nov 2019

Mobile Fraud

Mobile fraud costs businesses and consumers billions every year. Protect yourself by reading more about popular ways fraudsters exploit mobile devices.

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10Oct 2019

Facebook Eases Business-Customer Chats in Messenger

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10Oct 2019

Avoiding Digital Fraud

Check out Alpine Bank of Colorado's key tips to prevent becoming a victim of digital fraud. Learn more here at our blog.

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15Aug 2019

Don’t be a Victim of Online Real Estate Fraud

Real estate wire fraud continues to grow in popularity, posing a massive threat to consumers. Learn how to avoid becoming a victim here.

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17Jun 2019

Beware of Elder Scams

Of the dozens of scams perpetrated on consumers, many target older adults because they tend to be the most vulnerable. Learn how to avoid being a victim here.

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21May 2019

Card Fraud: How to Recognize and Avoid it

Don't fall victim to debit card scams. Learn how to prevent them with tips from Alpine Bank. Keep your card information safe and secure.

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18Mar 2019

How to Avoid Work from Home Scams

Work-from-home opportunities are plentiful, but users should exercise caution online. Keep safe by reading our banking and insurance services blog.

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16Jan 2019

Be Aware of the Latest Cyber-fraud Tactics

One of the newest scams cybercriminals are using involves impersonating employees from the IRS. Learn more on how to recognize scams here.

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16Jan 2019

Beware the Cost of Dating Scams

Beware of romance scams! If you make a romantic connection online, don’t go any further until you consider these safety tips.

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06Dec 2018

Protect Yourself from Business Email Fraud

Cyber attackers continue to evolve an email attack called CEO Fraud or Business Email Compromise. Click here for tips from Alpine Bank to protect yourself.

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05Oct 2018

Making Your Accounts More Secure

Protect and secure your online accounts with these six simple and effective Cyber Security tips.

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