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17May 2024

Recycling Refresh

From time to time, it’s smart to examine our habits so let’s look at our recycling practices.

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18Apr 2024

Green tips and strategies

Traveling sustainably entails making conscious eco-friendly decisions at every point. Here are a few tips on the best ways to “go green” while traveling this summer. 

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20Mar 2024

How to celebrate Earth Day

“Every year on April 22, Earth Day marks the anniversary of the birth of the modern environmental movement in 1970.” That makes it an appropriate day to do some mindful, earth-friendly activities that will make a positive impact toward improving our environment. 

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21Feb 2024

Green Team quick tips

It’s good to periodically run through a list of steps we can take to make our home more energy efficient. Learn more about energy efficiency at home.

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24Jan 2024

Green goals for your home

It’s often easier to make and keep a commitment—like going green—when you set measurable goals.

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20Dec 2023

New year, new ways to go green

We’re often open to changing bad habits and/or picking up good ones at the start of a new year. Let’s turn that willingness toward resolving to live more sustainably in the year ahead.

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22Sep 2023

Meet Pete Yang, Co-Chair of the Alpine Bank "Green Team"

Pete Yank is co-chair of Alpine Bank's Green Team. Read about his background in banking and commitment to the environment

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20Mar 2023

Digital Banking Tip #4

Worry less about losing statements and account notices in the mail, while helping the environment, by enrolling for electronic statements through Alpine Bank’s online banking or mobile app.

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20Mar 2023

20 years green

Alpine Bank Green Team celebrates two decades of education, outreach and action in support of conservation

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16Feb 2023

The Paper Problem

“Going paperless” means overall reduction of the paper we use. The problem with paper, however, starts long before we choose not to use it — and continues long after.

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21Sep 2022

Electronic account info

Have you gone paperless yet? There are several good reasons for doing so. Learn more.

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19Jul 2021

Composting at Home

Compost is the byproduct of food scraps and plant wastes as they decompose. Learn tips and tricks to composting here at Alpine Bank blog.

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12May 2021

Electronic Waste Recycling

It’s important to never throw e-waste into the trash; these materials are especially important to recycle. Click here to learn why you should recycle e-waste.

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15Dec 2020

Dress to Impress the Planet

The goal of sustainable fashion is to lessen the impact of its production on the environment. Here are some ways the initiative aims to bring that about.

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05Nov 2020

Cultivating Community through Sustainable Agriculture

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22Jan 2020

LEED Means Green

LEED is a green building rating system that is the most widely used around the world. Read more on how LEED is spreading environmental awareness.

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16Dec 2019

Green Tip - What’s New in Solar Energy

Many homeowners are trying to figure out if installing a solar power system for a home is worth it. Click here for Alpine Bank's top three items to consider.

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15Aug 2019

Green Solutions for Kitchen Countertops

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20Feb 2019

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Alpine Bank teaches you ways to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. Read more to find out how.

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