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Energy efficiency at home

It’s good to periodically run through a list of steps we can take to make our home more energy efficient. Let’s review some of the biggest changes we can make to lower energy consumption:

  • Weatherize – Seal up cracks and add insulation to keep outside temperatures outside
  • Smart thermostats – Program the temperature for comfort when you’re home to enjoy it
  • Air filters – Clean/replace filters so heaters and air conditioners can work without impediment
  • ENERGY STAR-rated appliances and electronics – Are the most energy efficient on the market and help save on utility bills
  • Laundry – Wash and dry full loads on the lowest practical temperature setting
  • Dishwasher – Run full loads and turn off heated dry
  • Low flow toilets and shower heads – Can drastically reduce water usage in homes 
  • LED lighting – Uses up to 85% less energy to deliver the same amount of light as incandescent bulbs
  • Native landscaping – Requires little to no watering as it is already adapted to local conditions
  • Conscious-use – Turn off unnecessary appliances and lights, unplug chargers or plug them into a power strip that can be turned off

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Pete Yang

Pete Yang is a senior vice president for Alpine Bank and the co-chair of Alpine's "Green Team." He's based in Aspen, where he handles commercial and consumer loans, with a particular focus on resort financing. He has a keen interest in protecting Colorado's unmatched mountain environment.

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