18Jan 2023

Mortgage down payment assistance

The availability of a mortgage loan to purchase a home is something many of us take for granted. After all, these days the process can be as simple as getting in touch with a mortgage lender and submitting an application with a handful of financial information.

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19Dec 2022

Temporary mortgage buy-down

If you’re currently in the market for a new home, you may have found yourself wondering if it’s the right time to buy.

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09Nov 2022

Mortgage recast strategy

Mortgage recast strategy, making equity work for you in the seller’s market

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25Oct 2022

Seller-concession opportunities

Colorado’s housing market is finally beginning to cool off. For many sellers, gone are the days when they can expect a dozen cash offers for their home, at a price above what they’ve listed it for.

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21Sep 2022

15-year or 30-year mortgage?

Shopping for a mortgage? One of Alpine Bank’s experienced mortgage lenders can discuss whether a 15-year fixed mortgage or 30-year fixed mortgage would be a better fit for you.

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23Jun 2022

First-time homebuyers can benefit from low-down-payment mortgage loans

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21Mar 2022

Colorado Mortgages for Disabled Children & Retired Parents

Alpine Bank can help Colorado mortgage holders stay close to their families. Learn how we can help you with your situation.

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19Jul 2021

Scammers Commit Mortgage Fraud for Profit

Both borrowers and lenders are targeted for different types of mortgage fraud. Protect yourself by learning how to spot fraudulent mortgages.

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22Feb 2021

Explore Construction Home and Business Loan Options - Alpine Bank Blog

Alpine Bank is one of the best banks offering construction loans in Colorado. We can help build your dream home in Garfield County.

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