18Jan 2023

Green home goals

To live greener at home, implement green energy. Look into renewable power sources like solar panels, wind turbines, geothermal heat pumps and solar water heaters.

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19Dec 2022

Celebrate the environment

Champions of the environment can get so involved with the cause they sometimes forget to stop and simply enjoy and appreciate our miraculous planet. 

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09Nov 2022

Green your gift wrap

When you think of gifts, you automatically think of festive wrapping paper. And as nice as it looks, most of us can agree it’s also a big waste of resources.

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25Oct 2022

Green at work

Even if your company isn’t a big polluter or consumer of copious amounts of energy or other resources that harm the environment, it can make a big, positive impact with a green mindset and some simple-to-implement practices.

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21Sep 2022

Farm-to-table is timely

The farm-to-table movement aims to minimize the threats to the environment brought about by agriculture.

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21Mar 2022

Spring clean your wardrobe with green in mind

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15Dec 2021

Celebrate the green way

Enjoy eco-friendly holidays without sacrificing the spirit of the season. Stay green this season by incorporating these practices with Alpine Bank.

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23Nov 2021

Green your holidays

Celebrate a more eco-friendly holiday with these tips brought to you by Alpine Bank.

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20Oct 2021

Hybrid, Plug-In Hybrid Electric & Electric Vehicle Loans

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15Sep 2021

Farm-to-Table Dining Delivers for the Environment

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19Jul 2021

Composting at Home

Compost is the byproduct of food scraps and plant wastes as they decompose. Learn tips and tricks to composting here at Alpine Bank blog.

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12May 2021

Electronic Waste Recycling

It’s important to never throw e-waste into the trash; these materials are especially important to recycle. Click here to learn why you should recycle e-waste.

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20Apr 2021

A Starting Point for Renewable Energy for Your Home

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08Feb 2021

Bank Online and Go Green with Alpine Bank's Paperless Options

Going paperless has never been easier with Alpine Bank's online banking services. Learn more about how to make the switch today.

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15Dec 2020

Dress to Impress the Planet

The goal of sustainable fashion is to lessen the impact of its production on the environment. Here are some ways the initiative aims to bring that about.

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05Nov 2020

Supporting Students & Reusing a Resource

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05Nov 2020

Cultivating Community through Sustainable Agriculture

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05Nov 2020

The Grand Junction Tower Uses Less Power

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22Jan 2020

LEED Means Green

LEED is a green building rating system that is the most widely used around the world. Read more on how LEED is spreading environmental awareness.

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16Dec 2019

Green Tip - What’s New in Solar Energy

Many homeowners are trying to figure out if installing a solar power system for a home is worth it. Click here for Alpine Bank's top three items to consider.

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10Oct 2019

Energy-efficient Windows

Heating and cooling costs go right out the window if you don't pay attention. Here are quick tips from Alpine Bank to make existing windows more energy-efficient.

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15Aug 2019

Green Solutions for Kitchen Countertops

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16Jul 2019

Eco-friendly Flooring Guide

Going eco-friendly with flooring won’t can be less expensive than traditional options. Check out these green tips brought to you by Alpine Bank.

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20Feb 2019

Calculate your Carbon Footprint

Alpine Bank teaches you ways to calculate and reduce the carbon footprint you leave behind. Read more to find out how.

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20Jul 2018

Top 5 Eco-Friendly Laundry Tips

Alpine Bank shares tips to help you stay eco-friendly when doing laundry. Click here to read more.

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01May 2018

Green Tip:  Shred and Recycle

Alpine Bank's Green Team hosts free community shred days in 14 locations across Colorado. Shred and recycle any unwanted documents with personal information.

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