Dress to Impress the Planet

Many people give plenty of attention to their clothes, yet precious little to what goes into fashion. Consider the natural resources consumed in the growing, production and distribution of textiles. Fortunately for the environment, in recent years there has been a surge in green fashion – clothing made from sustainable materials in environmentally friendly ways.

The goal of sustainable fashion is to lessen the impact of its production on the environment. Some ways the initiative aims to bring that about include:

  • Reducing environmental harm created during production by using crops that require fewer resources.
  • Prolonging material durability so garments will require less frequent replacement.
  • Promoting the desirability of “timeless” garments that will remain “in style” longer.
  • Reducing waste so less production is more resource efficient.
  • Increasing the value of local production and products to avoid the need for transportation.
  • Encouraging clothing repurposing so individual pieces get worn longer and do not end up in landfills.

Dressing green (even if it is not your color) is another way to help lessen human impact upon Planet Earth.

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