Digital banking tip: protect your business from ACH and check fraud

In the continually evolving digital world, check and ACH fraud remain a constant threat. We offer fraud solution services to our Alpine Online® business customers, including ACH Positive Pay and Check Positive Pay. These, and other services, are designed to help you catch fraud before it occurs.

Did you know that businesses only have 24 hours to report a fraudulent business ACH payment? ACH Positive Pay can help prevent unknown transactions from hitting your account without your permission, by allowing you to approve or return ACH transactions before they post to your account. 

With check payments continuing to be the method most often exposed to fraudulent activity, Check Positive Pay allows you to control which checks are approved to post to your account. By uploading a list of issued checks, you have the ability to review and remove any that are not on your list to approve. 

Learn more or request info on how to enroll for these services here.

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