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Green tips and strategies

Sustainable summer travel

Traveling sustainably entails making conscious eco-friendly decisions at every point. Here are a few tips on the best ways to “go green” while traveling this summer. 

  • Where to go – In many European locations, local authorities are creating sustainable infrastructure, which, in turn, makes them desirable destinations for travelers desiring an eco-friendly getaway.  
  • How to travel – Up to 70% of carbon emissions involved with a getaway is transportation to the destination. Combat this by avoiding air travel (or shorten the distance and fly non-stop), travel in a vehicle, on a train, public transportation, bicycle, or foot. 
  • Where to stay – An organization that specializes in eco-friendly locations can help find sustainable lodging. Additionally, look for destinations with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council which rates hotels on their sustainability. 
  • Activities to choose – Travel with small group tour operators, which tend to have less of an environmental impact. Ensure chosen activities don’t harm the local ecosystem. 
  • What to bring – Reusable items (like water bottles and cloth totes), are preferable so you’re not adding to your destination’s amount of trash. 


For more information about Alpine Bank’s sustainability and conservation efforts, please visit our Green Initiatives webpage. 

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Pete Yang

Pete Yang is a senior vice president for Alpine Bank and the co-chair of Alpine's "Green Team." He's based in Aspen, where he handles commercial and consumer loans, with a particular focus on resort financing. He has a keen interest in protecting Colorado's unmatched mountain environment.

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