Go paperless

Trees absorb carbon dioxide. Processing one tree into 17 reams of paper releases 110 pounds of C02 into the atmosphere.

Here are 15 actions you can take toward going paperless, to lessen the need to sacrifice trees:

1.         Recycle unneeded paper.

2.         Opt into paperless billing; pay online.

3.         Have receipts emailed rather than printed.

4.         Subscribe to newspapers and magazines online.

5.         Use electronic coupons.

6.         Read books on computers, e-readers or tablets.

7.         Use existing paper (or the back of a used sheet) for disposable uses, like writing lists or taking notes.

8.         Wrap gifts in paper alternatives (cloth or plastic) or use recycled paper or newsprint.

9.         Opt for reusable shopping bags.

10.       Carefully consider the need for a page or document to be printed.

11.       Use cloth rags instead of paper towels.

12.       Substitute cloth napkins for paper.

13.       Switch to toilet paper made from recycled paper or bamboo.

14.       Reuse cardboard boxes for storage, shipping and moving.

15.       Purchase items with minimal paper packaging.

Did you know that Alpine Bank maintains ISO 14001, a global certification that recognizes the highest environmental standards for businesses? Learn more about our commitment to sustainability and our Green Team here.

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