Improve your credit score to score a favorable mortgage

Trying to quality for a mortgage loan? Your credit scores will play a large part in both qualification and the interest rates available to you. Credit scores are used to help determine the risk profile associated with extending credit, so proper management of your credit score through on-time payments and by maintaining a low credit card balance are both important.  

But what if you find yourself in a situation in which your credit score is too low to qualify for a mortgage? Or you don’t like the interest rate that your credit score will allow you to obtain? Alpine Bank may have a solution for these scenarios. 

Our mortgage lenders have access to technology that allows them to determine the most effective plan to help improve your credit scores. They can use this technology to determine what will happen to your credit score if you pay down a specific credit card, pay off a loan, or if you were to open a new credit line of some kind. They can even use this technology to print out a plan to get you into a specific credit score as quickly as possible, using the cash you have at your disposal.

The best part? This service is offered at no charge to our mortgage clients. If you’re interested in obtaining a mortgage, but need some assistance in improving your credit scores, please reach out to your local Alpine Bank mortgage lender.

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