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Celebrate World Backup Day

Imagine this: you wake up one morning, ready to tackle your finances, only to discover your computer has become a digital ghost town. All your important files – bank statements, tax documents, cherished photos – vanished without a trace. Talk about a nightmare! This is why we mark March 31 as World Backup Day.

Think of your digital life as a treasure chest overflowing with precious memories, financial records, and work documents. A single accident – a spilled coffee, a mischievous toddler, or a sneaky cyberattack – could lock you out of this treasure forever. But with a good backup, you’ll always have a hidden key, ready to unlock your data and restore order to your digital world.

Take action today!

World Backup Day is your chance to become a digital hero. Here’s how to join the fight:

  1. Unearth your treasures: Identify the data that holds the most value for you, both personal and professional.
  2. Choose your weapon: Select your preferred backup method – external hard drive, cloud storage, or online backup service.
  3. Schedule regular backups: Think of it as a digital insurance policy. Set up a regular backup schedule to ensure your data is always protected.
  4. Test your defenses: Don’t wait for disaster to strike! Test your backups regularly to confirm they function properly.

At Alpine Bank, we believe data security is a shared responsibility. By actively backing up your information, you become a guardian of your digital world. Don’t let a data disaster turn into a financial nightmare. Celebrate World Backup Day with us, and together, we’ll ensure your digital treasures are safe and sound!

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Ross Bentzler

Ross Bentzler is Executive VP and Information Security Officer for Alpine Bank. Ross has worked in the information technology field for two decades, focusing on information security for 13 years.

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