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How to Avoid Work-from-home Scams

You’ve probably seen the ads on the internet or posted around your town: “Make easy cash working from home, no experience needed.” While it sounds appealing, it’s probably a scam. Most of these “opportunities” are, and they are designed to liberate you from your money. While there are many legitimate work-from-home opportunities, it’s important to look at every opportunity with a degree of skepticism.

First and foremost, any job or opportunity that requires a payment or the purchase of materials should be avoided.

Second, any opportunity to “get rich quick” is a scam.

Third, if the business doesn’t have a physical location, valid contact information or a social media presence, walk away.

Fourth, do a Google search for reviews of the business. If the word “scam” pops up, it most likely is a scam.

Some work-from-home jobs are legitimate. Just be sure to do your due diligence when considering any of the following:

  • Product reseller
  • Mystery shopping
  • Home assembly / envelope stuffing
  • Data entry / call center
  • Taking online surveys

And, it’s best to avoid any of the following:

If you are considering work-from-home opportunities, limit your search to legitimate job search channels, such as job search engines that provide access to a company’s website so you can learn more about the business and the position. Freelance job sites such as UpWork, Working Solutions and FlexJobs offer fully vetted work-at-home job opportunities.

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