Meet Mesa County operations supervisor Stephanie Heifner

Stephanie Heifner, operations supervisor at Alpine Bank Fruita, has lived in the community for 14 years and been with the bank for 13 years. 

When she’s not working, Stephanie volunteers to help lead her homeowners association and is active in the Pediatric Congenital Heart Defect (PCHD) community. In particular, she supports Children’s Hospital Colorado and is so gratified that the organization is a recipient of funds through Alpine Bank’s Loyalty Debit Card program.

“My grandson was born with a heart defect. We spent time at Children’s Hospital after he was born and he’s been back once for another procedure,” says Stephanie. “I’m very glad Children’s Hospital is part of our loyalty card program.”

Alpine Bank’s core values are Independence, Compassion, Loyalty, Integrity and Community. Which Alpine Bank value resonates the most with Stephanie?

“Compassion. To me, compassion means understanding and having a genuine concern for others,” she says. “I think I am a compassionate person at work and in my personal dealings.”

Stephanie Heifner
Operations Supervisor Alpine Bank Fruita
13 years with Alpine Bank

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