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Happy Anniversary Susie Campbell

  • 26 Years
  • 312 Months
  • 1248 Weeks
  • 8736 Calendar Days
  • 13,665,600 Minutes

Susie Campbell recounts her early days with Alpine Bank: she would shred paper, count coins, do research or happily complete any other task that came her way. Back then she was a student at Basalt High School and worked part-time at the bank. Now, she’s the executive assistant to the regional president of the Colorado River Valley region and a loan assistant at the Glenwood branch. In the intervening years she’s been a teller, a customer service rep, operations supervisor and loan administrator.

Susie notes a few changes at Alpine Bank over 26 years. 

“It’s much bigger with our new locations on the Front Range. It’s a little more structured now,” she says. “But it’s always been, and still is, very family- and community-oriented. In fact, I’ve worked with some people for over 26 years now, so they’re more like family than coworkers.”

There are five core values at Alpine Bank. They include Compassion, Integrity, Independence, Loyalty and Community. Of these, Compassion resonates most with Susie. 

“You never know what someone is going through or why they’re in their situation,” she says. “Sometimes it just takes one compassionate person to help them get on a better track.”

Reach out to Susie at 970-384-3201 or [email protected].

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