Kiln Coffee Bar: Brewing Community, One Cup at a Time

Intention. That’s what drives David Foster, and his identical twin brother Jonathan, every day. And for the past ten years, intention is the core value that has set downtown Grand Junction’s Kiln Coffee Bar apart from other chain coffee operations.

“The journey that each cup of coffee takes plays an integral role in the customer experience. Our coffees are intentionally selected to showcase the complexities behind each region and each coffee’s origin,” said David. “Originally we fell in love with coffee house culture because of its unique ability to create community. From there, we began nerding out over coffee.”

Being passionate about the bean-to-cup process has not only led David and Jonathan to visit the farms where they source their coffee beans, but it has also inspired them to make their syrups in-house and to create a detailed video tutorial on their website to teach proper brewing techniques.

David explains that while the business is committed to serving a top-notch product, it really has an even bigger and more important role: Kiln Coffee Bar is there to offer a positive place for people to come and spend time, or to have a brief positive experience on their way to work. “The reason we exist is to love on people and give them a sense of place. Coffee is that means of connection. If we’ve loved one person well, and they in turn go out into our community and share that with others, we’ve done our job,” said David. “We’re passionate about giving back and being a part of a thriving community.”

When the brothers aren’t roasting beans, welcoming customers or serving their craft coffee, they’re likely enjoying the outdoor recreation in the Grand Valley. “Our family loves the outdoors and the convenient access to it,” he said. “We spend as much time on the river and the mesa as possible in the summer months.”

The Fosters appreciates Alpine Bank because of its local presence. “Alpine is constantly finding ways to connect with us and the community in positive ways,” said David. “I feel we share a similar approach and desire to impact our community.”

“Alpine is constantly finding ways to connect with us and the community in positive ways.”

David Foster, Kiln Coffee Bar

Klin Coffee Bar is a Small & Mighty contribution to the community of Grand Junction. To learn more about our Small & Mighty business highlights click, here.

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