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Get to Know Kevin Flohr at a Local Community Bank in Glenwood

Kevin Flohr, a member of a local community Alpine Bank near Glenwood

An Introduction to Kevin Flohr’s Role and Contributions

Banker, hiker, golfer, adventurer, and basketball star.

Alpine Bank Officer Kevin Flohr is legendary for his jump shots. When he played at Glenwood Springs High School, a new verb was even invented: Fans would say they were Flohred!

He played varsity college basketball too, at Ft. Lewis College in Durango. More recently, he earned his MBA from Gonzaga University in Spokane.

But when Kevin needed a full respite from his studies, he’d hike the Camino de Santiago, a 580-mile trek through the Pyrenees of France and Spain.

“I’ve always loved hiking. The Camino trips were a way to see the world, take a break from basketball and school and be a part of something bigger,” he says. “I loved it. Mountains, oceans and nothing but great people.”

Kevin, a third-generation Glenwood native, joined the Alpine Bank team in August 2018. “It’s great to be back here with family and in the mountains.” He is proud to be a part of a locally owned bank that supports the community.

For business or personal financing, contact Kevin at [email protected].

This is part of a series on the staff at Alpine Bank Glenwood Springs and their community participation. Read more about Senior VP Kent Wilson and his efforts to give back to Glenwood here.

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