End of year total for loyalty debit cards

Did we meet our goal for 2023?

We had so much fun celebrating Alpine Bank’s 50th anniversary with you in 2023. Thank you for participating and using your Alpine Bank Loyalty Debit Card.

If you recall, Alpine Bank has a unique cause-related giving program, in which each customer with a debit card is a partner. Every time you use your Loyalty Debit Card, Alpine Bank (not our customers) donates a dime to local nonprofits and organizations in your local community. That small change adds up.

In 2023, our 50th anniversary year, we aimed to raise $2.5 million through the Loyalty Debit Card program. It was a stretch goal, and we knew it. This being our 50th anniversary year we didn’t want to play it safe, it’s not the Alpine Way.

Nevertheless, we did fall short of that goal, but the program saw tremendous growth. Dimes grew from $2.01 million in 2022 to $2.35 million in 2023. Thank you for making this happen, it’s so impactful. We received countless heartfelt notes of thanks from organizations all over Colorado.

While we did not meet our goal, there were still so many positives that came from a year marked by giving back to our community. In addition to the $2.35M in 10 cent donations, Alpine Bank employees were each given $500 to donate to a nonprofit of their choice in Colorado, totaling an additional $426,500, to 355 organizations.

Some other highlights, Alpine Bank Chairman and Founder Robert “Bob” Young received the Lifetime Achievement award by National Philanthropy Day Colorado. The governor’s office also recognized the bank’s positive impact on the community, proclaiming August 1, 2023 as Alpine Bank Day.

Again, thank you so much for all your efforts during the 50th anniversary year. The Loyalty Debit Card program was started in 1997 and Alpine Bank will continue to support this amazing program in 2024 and beyond. We encourage you to do the same.

As Bob Young always says, the most valuable thing one person can give to another, is caring. When you care, everything else just follows. Thank you for caring.


Alpine Bank debit cards are available with no annual fee to individuals with an Alpine Bank checking account.


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Glen Jammaron

Glen Jammaron is president and vice chairman of Alpine Bank. Glen has worked for Alpine Bank for 36 years and been the president and vice chairman for 16 years. During his tenure, the bank grew from $2 billion to more than $6 billion in assets.

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