Digital banking tip

Alpine Online® and Alpine Mobile® allow you to manage your debit card with ease

You can limit your trips into a bank branch and handle most of your debit card tasks through your mobile device or computer. For example, you can activate a new debit card or reorder a worn-out card. Have you temporarily misplaced your card? You’re able to turn your card off and then back on again once it’s been found. If your card has been permanently lost or stolen, you’re able quickly and conveniently deactivate it through your online banking or mobile app without having to call or come into Alpine Bank. 

We’ve also recently added new alerts and protections that you’re able to manage on your own, allowing you the peace of mind that your card is only used the way you want. You may choose to block or be notified on transactions based on location, merchant type or transaction type, or a set spending limit. 

The Card Management feature in Alpine Bank’s online banking and mobile app gives you more access and control on your debit card. As always, if you run into an issue you can’t solve on your own, our online banking support team is available to help you.

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