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Asian Chamber of Commerce Builds Community and Helps Businesses

Since 1984, the Asian Chamber of Commerce has been providing culturally competent economic development and business opportunities for its members. The organization advocates a strong understanding of the Asian American Pacific Islander communities that conduct business in a manner that’s unique to the heritage its community claims. Headquartered in Denver, the organization represents 40 different ethnic subgroups in the metro area. Nationally, AAPI communities are the fastest-growing racial group as measured by the most recent census; this population is expected to more than double from 20 million to 51 million by 2060. 

“The strength of the Asian Chamber of Commerce is our thorough understanding of the Asian American Pacific Islander cultural and small business community, and the connections that we can make to and for this community,” said executive director Fran Campbell. “I’ve been actively advocating and volunteering in the AAPI community since I was a kid — starting with the Filipino-American Community of Colorado and then, as an adult, with the Denver AAPI Commission, followed by the Denver Immigrant & Refugee Commission. For me, it’s been a lifelong motivation to support this community, especially in the last 18 months or so as we address the impact of COVID-19 and anti-Asian hate.”

The Asian Chamber of Commerce represents more than 130 members, and partners with community organizations and nonprofits such as the Asian Pacific Development Center and the American Red Cross to help promote and cross-resource programs and initiatives. In addition to networking, marketing and promotional opportunities for its members, a large part of their work is outreach for diversity and inclusion: showing the changing demographics of Asians in the metro area, the history of Asians in Colorado and elements of Asian culture and identity. The group’s work fosters international trade through travel to China, Japan and Taiwan to learn about innovative industries and exportable technologies. They actively support education and higher learning for their community, with the variety of scholarships and programs that they sponsor.

“Support from Alpine Bank increases our credibility and outreach in the business community,” said Fran. “Alpine Bank is committed to the concepts of community inclusion and engagement, which, in turn, encourages trust and sincerity within the AAPI Community.”

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