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A mom is a child’s first teacher

April Fogarty models leadership, risk-taking and reliability in her volunteer roles

April Fogarty is the digital banking officer for Alpine Bank. She’s also the mother of two active elementary-aged sons. Four years ago they were the impetus for her to pursue her current volunteer roles at their local elementary, and now her contributions have evolved and grown right alongside her kids.

“When my eldest started school, I knew I wanted to be involved but didn’t know where to start. Thankfully I had a friend who pushed me a little outside of my comfort zone and got me involved in the school district’s Art Heritage program that first year,” says April “As soon as I experienced the joy of being at Appleton Elementary, working with the students and the absolutely amazing staff, I just couldn’t get enough!”

April claims no overt natural artistic ability but has continued to teach monthly art lessons to both of her son’s classes with the Art Heritage program — and encourages others to stretch and try new activities. “It’s truly one of my favorite days of the month,” she says. “I love to see how excited the students are.” 

Her enthusiasm for learning and the school system led her to become an ambassador for the D51 Foundation for Appleton Elementary School in 2021. The foundation aims to engage, equip and empower the learning community today for a limitless tomorrow. “I’ve loved being able to support their mission anyway I can,” says April.

Then in 2022-23, April served as vice president of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) board, undertaking that larger responsibility with assurance. 

“My job can be pretty stressful and busy, so the fact that Alpine Bank not only encourages but values volunteering so highly is so important to me,” says April. “It allows me to be part of so many important school-related experiences with my children.”

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