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The rewards of running

Community investment and life lessons learned

Freyja Troop, vice president of of Alpine Bank Boulder, has been with the bank five years. A lifelong athlete, Freyja has coached, served on boards and volunteered at running events since age 13, beginning in her native Australia. An avid runner and advocate of fitness for all, Freyja has been an active volunteer with T.E.A.M. Boulder for a dozen-plus years since moving to the community in 2009. 

Freyja explains that T.E.A.M. Boulder was founded and is run by her husband Lee Troop. At its start, the couple sought to fill the gap for a community running club that encompassed all ages and abilities, and that also had a focus on charitable giving.

“T.E.A.M. Boulder’s aim is to create an identifiable running club within the Boulder community that promotes health, fitness, participation and support for runners,” says Freyja. “The organization is made up of runners, volunteers and ambassadors who support our local community and charity initiatives.”

Freyja’s passion is mentoring young runners to help them improve their running capabilities and build confidence and self-esteem. She’s observed increased happiness and improved mental health being outcomes of her coaching and mentoring.

“Running teaches kids ways to overcome hurdles in the future that are not running-related. Since running is hard to do you must be consistent and committed, and if you don’t reach a goal, you need to try again,” says Freyja. “I love guiding kids to make good choices and to celebrate their achievements along the way.”

Freyja volunteers in several areas, including coaching and administrating, but her main role these days is to serve as a race volunteer for T.E.A.M. Boulder. 

“These races are set up so the race profits are given back to nonprofits in the community, and so far $70,000 has been donated,” says Freyja. The money raised isn’t the only tangible outcome.

“I hope the kids involved in T.E.A.M. Boulder reflect on this time when they’re adults and see how valuable this club was to them, and that I helped them on their path for success!”

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