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Small and Mighty

Support independent, small business this fall and holiday season

A majority of Alpine Bank’s business customer are what we consider small businesses, and we’re featuring several of them in the next few months on our social media channels and outreach. Small businesses are important because they provide opportunities for entrepreneurs, create meaningful jobs, foster local economies and keep money close to home — and that supports neighborhoods and communities.

We believe that small businesses help create networks of financial interdependence that encourage broad-based prosperity. Consider that when you spend money at a privately owned local store, that money goes to pay a worker in your neighborhood. In turn, that individual is likely to spend money at another community business. We think that’s an all-around win.

Keep your neighborhood businesses in mind for safe holiday shopping and other goods and services this fall and winter. And check out the current #SmallandMighty stories on our website — you may see a feature about someone you know!

Click here is a link to a collection of businesses featured. 

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