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Coaching, mentoring and chaperoning youth in Montrose

Shannon Wilkes, retail business banker at Alpine Bank Montrose and a busy mom of three, is helping to share encouragement and important life lessons with not only her kids, but neighbors and schoolmates in the community, too. Her volunteer title varies from treasurer, chaperone, supporter, water girl, financial advisor and driver — to counselor. She accurately asserts that the opportunities to be involved are endless.

“All the organizations I’m currently involved with inspire leadership, risk-taking, community service and team-building, and they require a growth mindset,” says Shannon. “While the mission of each is different, the end goal is the same: To help kids grow into healthy, functioning adults who make a positive impact in their community.”

Some of Shannon’s recent volunteer activities included camping with her youngest — modeling firsthand that “We CAN do hard things!”. Another was chaperoning a team of 30 color guard members across the state as they learned teamwork and lessons in both success and defeat. Or, encouraging her son through a 15-mile, single-day hike, in preparation for his 30-mile, seven-day backing trip this summer.

“It’s amazing to have the opportunity to watch the tenacity and grit these kids have, and I cherish the smiles and laughs I get to share,” she says. Shannon’s husband is also heavily involved in the family’s school, sports and activities. “Together, we have become mentors and friends to other kids, and we hope to serve as positive role models in their lives.”

Shannon is very appreciative of Alpine Bank and its unequivocal support of its employees’ volunteer time. “This is just one of the many ways Alpine has strengthened our communities, and for me personally, this opportunity has also strengthened my family,” she says. “Thank you, Alpine Bank!”

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