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Proud of our vibe

Brewing up a warm environment our customers love

John Jenkins knows coffee.

He’s been in the business for more than 36 years, and although he’s seen trends come and go, what has remained constant in his time owning the Laughing Goat are the people.

“A coffeehouse, if it’s a real coffeehouse, allows for the pleasure of the endless deepening study and appreciation of people,” explained Jenkins, “A love and a fascination for people, life, and human psychology.”

Jenkins has owned and operated the Laughing Goat for 17 years, but his roots in the industry date back to when he served coffee at the legendary bohemian coffeehouse, Penny Lane. 

“When (the owner) retired, I wanted to make some contribution to the community that would fill that void and answer that need for community and connection.”

But why stay in Boulder? Jenkins joked he came to Boulder ostensibly for the afternoon, just a quick trip with his brother, but he encountered a unique energy.

“I knew this was my destiny,” he said. “I came for the day and ended up staying. Boulder is a sacred and a special place. It’s a privilege to be here, and I never take that for granted.”

Mix that positive attitude with great employees and an exceptional experience full of outstanding products, music, and art, and it’s clear why the Laughing Goat is such a success.

“Good people, good energy, and hard work,” said Jenkins. “We’ve created a warm environment that our customers love. We’re very proud of our vibe.”

To learn more about the Laughing Goat, visit or stop by one of their three locations in Boulder for a hot cup of joe.

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