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Oster Jewelers

Where passion and independence shine bright

Melissa and Jeremy Oster’s love for jewelry led them from Aspen to Denver, where they founded Oster Jewelers in 2002. Their journey is marked by independence and a devotion to jewelry artistry.

In Aspen, Jeremy managed Hochfield Jewelers, while Melissa excelled at spotting emerging jewelry designers. This inspired the husband-and-wife team to open Oster Jewelers, which now shines for its unwavering independence in an industry dominated by giants. They seek and promote intriguing talents instead of aligning with big luxury groups, forging partnerships with highly-desirable watch, jewelry, and bridal artisans.

A hallmark of Oster Jewelers is its ability to bridge the gap between tradition and the modern market. This sensibility was nurtured by Jeremy’s time growing up in London, where he developed a deep appreciation for history, tradition, and craftsmanship.

“Each piece we offer is more than an accessory; it’s part of a client’s unique story.” – Melissa and Jeremy Oster, owners of Oster Jewelers

Oster Jewelers passionately educates and guides clients for long-term satisfaction, recognizing that each diamond, timepiece, and piece of jewelry tells a unique story that can be everlasting.

Their chosen community connects like-minded individuals who quickly become friends, sharing their passion for jewelry. Their journey is a testament to passion, independence, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. Oster Jewelers showcases jewelry artistry and offers a unique, lasting experience. Explore their exquisite jewelry at

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