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Meet Mesa County senior VP and regional operations officer Tara Bunnell

Tara Bunnell is a senior VP and regional operations officer for Alpine Bank Mesa County. She’s lived in the community for a quarter-century—and her residency tenure matches her time with Alpine Bank, also 25 years.

Tara provides leadership in the community, too, as a board member with SummitWest Care and board president of the Mesa County Business Education Foundation. 

Alpine Bank’s core values are Independence, Compassion, Loyalty, Integrity and Community. Which Alpine Bank value resonates the most with Tara?

“Community,” she says. “I love our focus on how we CARE* for our customers and our communities. I truly believe the success and wellness of Alpine Bank is symbiotic with the success of our communities.”

Tara Bunnell
Senior Vice President & Regional Operations
25 years with Alpine Bank
Community Focus & Local Banking

*CARE is the acronym for the Alpine Bank customer service standard, and stands for Connect, Ask, Recommend and Exceed Expectations.

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