Meet Mesa County relationship manager Heather Alber

Heather Alber is a relationship manager for Alpine Bank Mesa County. She’s lived in the community for 23 years and has served Alpine Bank customers for 13 years. 

The community organizations she supports and serves with include Kids Aid, a nonprofit dedicated to supplying food and providing for the needs of children, and Hilltop Life Adjustment Program, where adults with brain injuries receive personalized care that allows them to achieve maximum self-sufficiency.

Alpine Bank’s core values are Independence, Compassion, Loyalty, Integrity and Community. Which Alpine Bank value resonates the most with Heather?

“Being in the banking industry, I especially feel the importance of integrity,” says Heather. “Integrity is a principle of leadership, and we all strive to be a leader in one aspect or another. Whether it be in your character or daily work duties, I think everyone should do the right thing—because it’s the right thing to do!”

Heather Alber
Relationship Manager
13 years with Alpine Bank
Community Focus & Local Banking

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