Get to Know Nathan Knoll, Local Colorado Lender

Nathan Knoll, loan officer in Colorado

Nathan Knoll is a local loan officer for Alpine Bank Mesa County, Colorado. He’s lived in the community for three decades and served Alpine Bank customers with their lending needs for 21 years.

Nathan supports several nonprofits and community organizations, giving them his time, talent, and monetary support. “I am lucky enough to support many of them in some manner,” says Nathan. “Highlighting just a few seems unjustified for the work they all do.”

Alpine Bank’s core values are Independence, Compassion, Loyalty, Integrity, and Community. We asked which Alpine Bank value resonates the most with Nathan.

“Integrity,” he said. “Because behaving ethically and doing the right thing for all involved leads to earning trust from others on both a business and personal level.”

Nathan Knoll
Senior Vice President
21 years with Alpine Bank

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