Meet Mesa County community outreach director Tawni Kelley

Tawni Kelley, community outreach director at Alpine Bank, has been with the organization for 12 years, and has lived in Grand Junction for 27 years. She’s a busy career woman, wife and mom, but still finds time for volunteer service with Girl Scouts of America, the D51 Foundation and a JUCO committee.

Alpine Bank’s core values are Independence, Compassion, Loyalty, Integrity and Community. Which Alpine Bank value resonates the most with Tawni?

“Community. Playing an active role in supporting the people and organizations that make our communities thrive is so important,” says Tawni. “I love that I get to be a part of an organization that values giving back to make our communities a better place to work, play and raise our families.”

Tawni Kelley
Director of Community Outreach
12 years with Alpine Bank

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