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Manual Molina is the music man

Enriching lives one note at a time


Nineteenth century poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said that music is the universal language of mankind. For Peruvian-born Manuel Molina, founder of Young Musicians for the World, this assertion has held true.

Manuel believes that regardless of tempo, tune or style, music speaks to something deep in humankind; it evokes strong emotions, inspires awe and transcends language. 

“My passion about music and the desire to share it with youngsters, so they develop their own artistic potential, was what inspired me to start Young Musicians for the Word,” says Manuel. “We cover music teaching and training, music appreciation and cultural appreciation. I want to educate our youth for a better future.”

Through his nonprofit organization, he produces educational concerts and provides scholarships for student to study guitar with him. Manuel is extremely versatile. “Aside from playing the guitar, I have a variety of abilities related to music production. I compose, make musical arrangements, create scores for movies, direct orchestras and have entertained American troops all over the world,” he says. “And I love teaching young people.”

The organization engages professional artists, musicians and cultural historians, with an emphasis on Colorado’s underserved communities. 

“We promote self-esteem by showing students all the possibilities that await them in the musical world and the arts,” says Manuel. “We support self-expression using the arts as a creative outlet.” 

His goal is to bring 500 kids to his Night Around the World concert each year. “Without Alpine Bank’s generous support, it would be impossible to bring this concert to the community,” says Manuel. “And it’s important. Music can change the lives of our youth.”

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