Legacy of Fun: a Tribute to Gabby Krause

Gabby Krause was an amazing six-year-old who died in September 2004 after a courageous 19-month battle with brain cancer. Gabby loved purple, swimming and coke-flavored slurpees. She sang, danced and laughed her way through chemotherapy. She found the silly in everything! It is in her memory that the Gabby Krause Foundation was started and in her spirit that the Bags of Fun program began. Gabby had the original Bag of Fun filled with toys and fun activities when she was battling brain cancer. The bag helped keep her busy and happy during long hospital visits. To the delight of other patients, she always shared her games and toys. It was Gabby’s wish that all the children at the hospital could have their very own Bag of Fun.

Gabby’s special wish inspired the creation of the Gabby Krause Foundation. The signature project, Bags of Fun, was created in the spirit of Gabby’s original bag of toys and fun activities. The Bags of Fun program is a journey that began in 2004 when her mother needed to help Gabby focus on the joy of being a little girl–playing with My Little Pony dolls instead of dealing with needle pokes. This journey has grown into a movement to harness the power of play to instigate happiness when the thought of sickness and dying is at the forefront of families’ hearts and heads. At the Denver Tech Center Alpine Bank’s recent grand opening, the bank honored the Gabby Krause Foundation with a donation of $1,000. Alpine Bank is a proud supporter of Bags of Fun and the powerful difference they make in so many people’s lives.

Learn more at bagsoffun.org, or call 720-476-3022.

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