Ladies run the show at Crossbow Leather

Leathersmith Macy Pryor’s parents met in Telluride in the 80s and raised her, and her three siblings, in this quintessential ski town. The family spent most of their time outdoors: skiing, biking, hiking and camping. And although college and life took Macy to both coasts for a time, now she’s delighted to be back in Telluride, where she owns and operates Crossbow Leather. The store represents a fulfillment of her dream to live and run a business in her hometown, where she can enjoy the outdoor recreation of her youth in her off-time.

Crossbow Leather has a storefront bursting with handcrafted bags, backpacks, belts, wallets, home goods and more, and a workshop where these items are made in the back. Macy now has trained a staff of six other women, who are in charge of production and running the retail store.

“With the spike of conscious consumerism came the demand for more made-in-the-USA goods, and I knew I could make a business from my passion for leather craft,” said Macy. “Here you get to experience the craft firsthand, see the products come to life and meet the people crafting each piece.”

When Macy looked for business banking, the small-town connections and shared values of Alpine Bank made it a natural fit.

“When you own and run a small business, you know the importance of supporting other local businesses. When I was ready to buy my commercial location, I knew Alpine Bank would be able to help because they knew the potential of Crossbow Leather in our community,” said Macy. “Every time I walk into Alpine Bank, I see neighbors, customers and friends. I love the personal experience I get banking at Alpine Bank.”

“Every time I walk into Alpine Bank, I see neighbors, customers and friends.”

Macy Pryor, Crossbow Leather

Crossbow Leather is a Small & Mighty contribution to the community of Telluride. To learn more about our Small & Mighty business highlights click here.

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