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Helping people feel seen and heard

Advocating for victims during their most vulnerable time

Brittany Bowman, communications center supervisor and four-year employee-owner with Alpine Bank, volunteers as a victim advocate with the Grand Junction Police Department. She chose to volunteer in victim advocacy with the police department because she has a passion for helping her community. 

“So many people in the Grand Valley are in desperate need of someone to just show up for them. There are many terrible, and oftentimes uncontrollable circumstances, that people find themselves in. Being there for them in those moments can be invaluable,” says Brittany. She brings compassion, empathy and firsthand experience to her advocacy role. “I myself have been in situations where I’ve needed resources, information or even just for someone to sit with me, and I didn’t have an outlet to receive any of it.”

She offers active listening and a kind and calming presence for victims. “When I go out on a call, I get to potentially provide some, if not all of those things, to someone in immediate need,” says Brittany.

“Life is, at times, extremely difficult and nobody should have to feel alone, like nobody cares for them. That is why I volunteer, to do my part in making people feel seen and heard.”

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