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Helping people and pets

People and pets live their best lives in the Colorado River Valley

Journey Home Animal Care Center in Rifle has been strengthening the human-animal bond through compassionate services and education since 1998. The nonprofit enhances the lives of people and their pets across the Colorado River Valley in a variety of ways, including reuniting lost pets with their families; providing low-cost vaccines, spay/neuter services and other limited veterinary care; helping community members in need with vet, food and other supply costs that might otherwise force them to give up their pets; and running community education programs.

Providing shelter and care to stray animals and facilitating adoptions is another important part of the work Journey Home does. The staff is passionate about helping people find a new best friend and works to help match you with the right animal for your needs and lifestyle.

“The countless stories of redemption are the most inspirational parts of the work we do,” Executive Director Heather Grant said. “We have seen animals come through our door in dark situations (hit by a car, surrendered from their family after 12 years, emaciated or neglected) and through love, encouragement, medical care and their will to live, we get a front-row seat to their second chance. It is beautiful.”

And for community members who aren’t ready to be pet owners, Journey Homes is always looking for fosters and volunteers. Roles include everything from helping with daily care and enrichment of the animals to helping with administrative tasks, events, photography and more.

Grant says the support her organization receives from Alpine Bank is a key part of them being able to provide medical and behavior support to the animals that come through their door during their darkest hour. Nearly 1,500 animals are given a second chance at a wonderful life each year thanks to the gracious support of Alpine Bank.

“Journey Home Animal Care Center feels incredibly honored to receive support from Alpine Bank. This community is very blessed to have local businesses with leaders and employees who share the values of the community. Alpine Bank never hesitates to jump into action to help countless nonprofits and community programs, and we are so thankful for such generosity!”


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