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Alpine Bank’s David Miller leads a Rocky Mountain Public Media advisory team

David Miller, senior vice president and Green Team co-chair for Alpine Bank, has been with the bank for 18 years. And for 17 of them, he’s been the volunteer chair of the Western Colorado Local Advisory Committee (LAC) for Rocky Mountain Public Media (RMPM).

With its mission to strengthen the civic fabric of Colorado through public media, and an aspirational vision to have a Colorado where everyone feels seen and heard, David asserts that his personal values and those of Alpine Bank align closely with RMPM. 

The RMPM values include integrity, commitment and collaboration. And with Alpine Bank, the ideals overlap with a shared commitment to integrity. The bank’s other four foundational values include independence, community, compassion and loyalty.

“It makes volunteering extra rewarding. As a community bank, at Alpine Bank we listen closely to the diverse needs our communities and customers and do our best to support them, which is exactly what I do leading RMPM’s local advisory committee,” says David. 

David explains that over the course of his career he’s had the opportunity to hone his  leadership and organizational skills, which are put to great use in his volunteer role. 

“I ensure that the advisory committee membership reflects Western Colorado individuals and natural constituent organizations, including but not limited to education, government, nonprofits and key businesses,” says David. “And I work to make sure their voices are seen and heard. For example, we screened RMPM Independent Lens TV programs at the Mesa County Central Library, followed immediately by a moderated panel of local experts engaging the community in important conversations.” 

The RMPM LAC consists of volunteers who help the organization remain accountable to the communities it serves. “It’s very satisfying identifying and understanding the varied needs of Western Coloradans, and then connecting the dots to available RMPM and Alpine Bank resources, thereby helping to make our communities better for all of us,” says David.

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