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Forge evolution advances restorative justice to empower Colorado Springs’ youth

Colorado Springs Teen Court was created in the 90s to offer alternative, youth-centered sentencing options, with the goal to repair harm and prevent future criminal behavior. The program transitioned to Forge Evolution two years ago and expanded its mission to empower youth to develop resiliency through inspiration, accountability and connection.

“For nearly 30 years we’ve helped Colorado Springs teens who made a mistake realize that one bad decision doesn’t have to define who they are,” says Forge Evolution chief executive officer Morgan Mote.

Youth are judged by a jury of their peers, who hand down creative, non-punitive sentences that are intended to promote self-esteem and encourage positive life choices.

“Teens learn they can build a brighter life through our research-based programs and methods that promote health and success,” says Morgan.

A capital campaign for the Forge Teen Center is currently underway. When complete, the center will provide access to resiliency building skills, mental health resources, substance use support, and prevention and intervention support for youth ages 10-19.

“Alpine Bank has been a champion of youth in its communities,” says Morgan. “We’re grateful to have them in Colorado Springs now, and for the help spreading awareness of our organization and its impact in the community.”

Learn more at Forgeevolution.org.

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