Worn but Not Worn Out

T-shirts – you have them everywhere! You wear your favorites frequently, but what about the rest? You’ve got a pile of them that have been outgrown, a bag of them that seem to have multiplied in your closet, a box of “special” ones that are more like souvenirs and a drawer of ones that are just plain worn out. Rather than donating or pitching your unwanted tees, recycle them into something decorative or useful.

Yarn – Learn to make “t-shirt yarn” that can be used to crochet chunky rugs, bags, jewelry, baskets, slippers, purses…

Tote bags – This site teaches you how to create totes and backpacks from t-shirts.

Memory quilt – Your collectable tees can be sewn into a meaningful quilt. Sew your own or send them here.

Baby romper – Here’s how to make baby clothes from your unwanted tees.

Wreath – Learn to make a decorative wreath from t-shirts.

Dog toy – Here’s how to make a pull toy from tees.

Rags – You can repurpose your t-shirts into soft cleaning rags.

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