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Women’s La Liga del Valle is a nonprofit soccer organization created by women to empower women. Women are known for being generous with their time when it comes to taking care of their families, children and work. However when it is about taking time for themselves, even when it is related to their own health and well-being, they can be last on their list.

Margarita Alvarez experienced this firsthand. She is a Mexican woman, mother of three children, a hard worker who also has a great passion for soccer. When she came to the Roaring Fork Valley ten years ago, she started looking for a team to keep playing her favorite sport and stay fit. She found a small group of women playing soccer that was barely enough to field three teams. She started playing with them, but soon she had to quit to take care of her family and work full time.

After awhile she felt the need to play soccer again with other women who shared her passion. Margarita recruited players to expand the group, recording a radio station message and encouraging women to join this new league. Slowly but surely the three teams became four, then five and kept growing. People started coming to watch them practice, volunteering to train the teams, cheering them on at games and even joining the teams.

Currently, the league has eight teams of women from Rifle to Snowmass. They play winter and summer tournaments, and they are still looking for more women who want to play soccer and stay fit. Alpine Bank has been among the local organizations and businesses financially supporting the league the last few years.

Women’s La Liga del Valle is a very special group of women. They come from different backgrounds, ages and cultures; however, they have become friends and always support each other. What brings them together is their desire to kick the ball, do their best every time they play and feel that they are doing something good for themselves. To learn more about supporting La Liga or playing on a team, visit them on their Facebook page, here

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