When Investing in a Greener Earth

Donating your hard-earned “green” to help make the world greener is a noble action. When you give your dollars to a charity, you want to make certain that they go as far as possible to benefit the cause you support.

Charity Navigator can be a helpful information source. According to their website, CharityNavigator.org can guide your intelligent giving. “We help people give to charities with confidence and shine a light on truly effective organizations.” Their investigation into a plethora of charities ensures that the ones they recommend, among other things, have been around long enough to make a significant impact and allocate the donations they receive responsibly.

Before you decide upon a recipient for your donation, Charity Navigator recommends you seek out a charity that supports precisely what you want to impact. So rather than giving to a major organization that works in a general field, find a smaller one that focuses on specific initiatives you want to help fund. It is reasonable to expect a reputable charity to provide a progress report so you can gauge their effectiveness and commitment to enacting real change.

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