Use ENERGY STAR Ratings to Save Energy

With ever-increasing energy consumption continuing to damage the planet, it’s critical to find ways to shrink our energy footprint whenever and wherever possible. A smart solution is choosing efficient appliances bearing the ENERGY STAR label.

According to, ENERGY STAR products must meet strict energy efficiency criteria established by the US Environmental Protection Agency or US Department of Energy. Since they use less energy, these products save consumers money on utility bills and protect the environment without sacrificing quality.

An ENERGY STAR-certified appliance uses 10-50 percent less energy each year than a non-energy-efficient counterpart. For instance, ENERGY STAR-qualified furnaces have a rating of 90% Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or greater (about 15% more efficient than the minimum federal efficiency standard). ENERGY STAR-certified central air conditioners have higher Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio and Energy Efficiency Ratio ratings and use eight percent less energy than conventional new models.

Save on your utility bills and help save the planet by choosing ENERGY STAR-rated products.

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