There’s no escaping volatility

Amanda J. Miller, CTFA
Vice President/Client Executive

Investors are shedding equities at the fastest pace since March 2020, pushing major indexes into correction. Many sectors are in an outright bear market, defined as a period of generally declining stock prices over a prolonged period. At the time of this writing, the S&P index is off 8% year-to-date.

In the last 30 years, there have been 16 instances of monthly declines near that magnitude, nine with the economy in recession. In the other seven, the average return two months later was 7.74%. There are traders and there are investors. The golden rule for investors:  As long as a recession isn’t around the corner, stay bullish.

In these times of volatility, avoid the temptation to change your long-term strategy in the wake of short-term market emotions. If you feel you must make a change, consider tactical shifts to the mix of investments within your portfolio – the ratio of equities to fixed income instruments and implementing alternatives, for example. The key to success in any market environment is to set a long-term plan and maintain it. Make sure you discuss any changes you make to your portfolio with your financial advisor.

A well-formed, long-term strategy will do well in a variety of conditions. Your investment professional at Alpine Bank Wealth Management can help you navigate and stay the course through challenging markets.

* Some information in this column was sourced from Federated Hermes

Amanda J. Miller, CTFA
Vice President/Client Executive
Alpine Bank Wealth Management

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