The Utmost in Compost

The average American produces 219 pounds of food waste annually; waste that can be composted to reduce air pollution and landfill volume plus save energy and water. Food scraps and yard waste together make up 30 percent of what we toss in the trash, but can be diverted to make compost instead, an organic material that when added to soil, helps plants grow. Keeping food and yard waste out of the landfill—where they release the potent greenhouse gas methane— is the driving passion of Table to Farm Compost of Durango. They pick up residential, business and even grocery store compostables weekly, then turn them into artisan soil and quality garden compost.

They say throw it, grow it. We say easy, peasy.

Beef to Bees & Compost to Corn: You are Colorado agriculture! For more information be sure to check out this image and more in the 2022 Alpine Bank Calendar.

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