Sustainability Can Be Easy

The nonprofit Yampa Valley Sustainability Council (YVSC) wants to help people incorporate more sustainability into their own lives. And they want it to be easy.

Living a sustainable lifestyle doesn’t always require a big step—like installing solar panels on your house or xeriscaping your yard. It can be as simple as reducing the amount of waste you generate, cooking a meal using local food, watering your lawn at cooler times of the day, recycling and reusing items, and donating unused items.

Every small, positive action a person takes builds on another, and the cumulative effect makes a lasting impact on the Yampa Valley and the world.

The mission of the YVSC is to create and promote sustainable practices in the Yampa Valley region through programs, partnerships and education. They’re putting together fun and informative programs for the summer in a variety of interest areas: water conservation education, reforestation, composting, alternative transportation, youth leadership and the addition of a robust conservation volunteer program. They have topics and programs to appeal to everyone—from helping to demystify sustainability processes for newbies, to more detailed information for people who are already on a conservation path and looking to expand their knowledge and expertise.

The YVSC invites everyone to get involved by joining them at one of their many summer events, following online on Facebook and Instagram, or signing up for their enewsletter to learn simple tips that improve the Yampa Valley, one action at a time.

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