Ready, Set, Go Green in 2021!

A new calendar year is an opportune time to start new eco-friendly habits. Let’s resolve to go greener in 2021!

Be a more responsible resident of the planet as you kick off the new year:

  • subscribe to paperless billing and statements
  • switch to online newspapers and magazines
  • pay bills online
  • ditch the plastic water bottles
  • buy detergents in pod form
  • research places to properly recycle “difficult” items like electronics, batteries, #6 plastic, styrofoam and prescription drugs
  • start composting
  • learn about places you can purchase sustainably produced clothing
  • vow to consider energy efficiency when buying new items
  • conduct a home energy-efficiency audit
  • landscape your yard with water conservation in mind
  • determine ways you can incorporate public transportation, walking or cycling into your routine
  • cultivate a minimalist approach to consumer purchases
  • plant a vegetable garden
  • investigate recipes for DIY household and/or personal care products
  • eat more organic and non-GMO food
  • familiarize yourself with items that are made from recycled materials

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