RamStrength of Fort Collins

Northern Colorado nonprofit empowers cancer patients

With their 30-pound horns, Colorado’s Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep can deliver a headbutt at a speed of 35 miles an hour, over ten times the force of two football players colliding. In this magnificent display of power, the bones in the skulls of these animals can shift slightly and absorb the force of the blow. Ironically, it’s the flexibility of the bighorns’ skull that is responsible for their strength. 

Strength and flexibility are also characteristics of RamStrength, a nonprofit providing financial assistance for basic needs, scholarships, programs and services for cancer survivors in Weld and Larimer counties. It organizes fundraising events and mobilizes volunteers to help rally the cause and raise funds to distribute to those in need. 

Executive director Michelle Boyle credits the community for the organization’s success, which has raised over $2.5 million and is now in its twelfth year. “We couldn’t help our local cancer patients if it weren’t for the amazing businesses and individuals who live in Larimer and Weld counties,” she says. “We’re a grassroots organization that thrives on community involvement.”

RamStrength funds mortgage and rent payments, car payments and repairs, insurance premiums, prescriptions and copays, transportation to and from chemotherapy appointments and other basic necessities. For youth and young adults surviving cancer, they sponsor children for summer camp tuition and expenses, and provide scholarships and financial assistance to Colorado State University students.

As the director, Michelle greets each day knowing the work they do makes a huge difference in the day-to-day lives of cancer patients and their families. “We’re helping these people through their darkest time by providing financial assistance for items like rent, utilities, gas and groceries,” says Michelle. “It allows the patient to focus on healing rather than the financial burden of the disease.”

The new Alpine Bank Fort Collins is already a proud partner with the organization. “Alpine Bank has been a huge supporter of RamStrength as they continue to sponsor and support our fundraising events,” says Michelle. ”Without these events we couldn’t serve our local cancer patients.”

Learn more at ramstrength.org  or visit our Alpine Bank Fort Collins branch.

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