PCs for People: Narrowing the Digital Divide

You may not know that 54,000 Colorado students lack computers or the internet connection they need for online learning, a challenge magnified by COVID. Alpine Bank wants you to know about a remarkable nonprofit, PCs for People (PCFP), which is helping bridge this digital divide.

PCFP refurbishes used computers—assuring secure, certified data destruction and hardware sanitization—then they load the like-new devices with licensed Windows 10 software and get them into the hands of students in need at extremely low cost. In addition to affordable, warrantied hardware and software, PCFP provides them with internet and tech support. The nonprofit also recycles the e-waste remaining from transforming the old devices.

Alpine Bank found the PCFP value proposition compelling, especially given the current obstacles to student learning in communities across the state. The bank’s Information Technology team huddled with PCFP’s technical staff to satisfy data security concerns. As a result, Alpine donated 440 used bank computers to the nonprofit, and Alpine employees were inspired to donate an additional 20 personally owned computers to PCFP’s program.  

Recently, Alpine was the proud recipient of a national Community Commitment Award for Economic Inclusion bestowed by the American Bankers Association (ABA) Foundation. The ABA cited Alpine’s efforts to improve lives in the communities it serves: https://www.aba.com/about-us/aba-foundation/community-commitment-awards/past-winners.

Alpine hopes its donation of computers will motivate other Colorado businesses to donate used devices to help bridge the digital divide during these challenging times. Learn more about PCFP: pcsforpeople.org.

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