Make a Point to Go Paperless

Going paperless helps our planet. Trees are needed to make paper, but they also absorb carbon dioxide, which helps to slow climate change. Also, paper production releases toxins which contribute to acid rain and greenhouse gases.

Reducing the amount of paper consumed should be a priority for the sake of Mother Earth. Some suggestions on lessening your paper usage include:

  • Switch to online banking and bill paying, where everything is available electronically with nothing printed.
  • E-subscriptions – Purge your physical subscriptions in favor of electronic versions to save paper and money alike.
  • Electronic storage and filing – Imagine seamless recordkeeping and document retrieval without paper!
  • Print consciously – Consider whether you really need a paper version of that document before you print. If you do, change the size to fit on fewer sheets.
  • E-reader or tablet – Enjoy all the reading and none of the paper!
  • Reduce use of disposable paper products – Discard less paper by substituting reusable alternatives whenever possible.
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