Let’s tie up those loose ends…

Attentiveness to financial planning, budgeting and sticking to a plan can feel overwhelming, but in order to start 2022 off on the right foot, it’s a must. 

Before the holiday season jumps into full swing, here are several reminders of the financial, saving and giving moves you may want to make before year-end.

  • Put extra savings to work. Consider maxing out your 401k or IRA contribution, or use the money to pay the tax on a Roth IRA conversion. 
  • Review your benefit elections and 2022 contributions for open enrollment.
  • Find out what tax changes affected you this year by consulting a tax expert.
  • Retirees, be sure to take your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD).
  • Calculate how much to give in year-end donations to your favorite charities for the greatest tax benefit.
  • Consider sitting down with an Alpine Bank Wealth Management officer and opening an investment account.

From this list, break down your to-do items into manageable steps.  We can guide you through the process and help keep you accountable, too. 

Make 2022 a proactive year for investments both in your personal wellbeing, and your finances.

Happy Holidays,


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