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More than 260 million vehicles consume millions of barrels of petroleum every day in the United States. On-road passenger travel alone accounts for more than 2.6 trillion vehicle miles traveled each year.

Vehicle emissions can be divided into two general categories: air pollutants, which contribute to smog, haze, and health problems; and greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as carbon dioxide and methane.

You can help reduce these harmful emissions and make your drive time greener by purchasing a hybrid or electric-powered vehicle. Not only that, but Alpine Bank will take .5 percent off your loan interest rate when you qualify for a loan for a hybrid, plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. With the purchase of a new environmentally friendly vehicle, you might also qualify for state and federal tax credits and incentives. Learn if one of our loans is right for you with one of our financial calculators.

Data Source: Alternative Fuels Data Center, U.S. Department of Energy

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