Help to heal: Boulder’s Grief Support Network

Mindful Grieving virtual six-week program on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. begins Feb. 9

Mindful Grieving is a powerful introduction to the essential components of the Grief Support Network’s somatic-based approach to grieving. The program is being held for those who have been affected by the recent Marshall Fire and Denver-Metro shootings. Participants will have an opportunity to look within to access their resiliency and inner wisdom.

Throughout the six weeks, these ideas and themes will be explored:

·        Creating a safe container to grieve in

·        Presence and body awareness

·        Unconditional love and acceptance

·        Grief as a teacher

·        Evolution of identity through grief

·        The process of change

Each weekly meeting will be two hours, and leaders will use the following tools to support self-inquiry:

·        Guided meditation

·        Journaling

·        Group sharing

·        Yoga / Movement

·        Relaxation / Integration

As a nonprofit, and with Alpine Bank’s sponsorship, the Grief Support Network is proud to offer this program as “pay-from-the-heart”, meaning that participants can pay what they are able, pay based on the benefit they receive, or pay what they feel called to give.

Learn more at, or sign up for the series here.

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